I have a tutorial here on how to install Backtrack. When our network card is in promiscuous mode, it means that it can see and receive all network traffic. Pretty sure if you can not start a monitor interface then the card is not gonna work. We can see in the screenshot above of the first half of the aireplay-ng help screen, that aireplay can filter by the BSSID of the access point, the MAC address of either source or destination, the minimum and maximum packet length, etc. It’s particularly useful in password cracking. Mounir 6 years ago.

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If the card is internal, do the same with lspci -vv.

Determine the chipset and driver of a wireless card

I’ve followed your tutorials. Kuzma 3 years ago.

Is there any software for windows 7? Will this work on windows 8? Thanks for you help and get well soon: What happend at iwconfig? So here is a summary of some of the things I can think of. I have searched the net and downloaded the newest drivers with patches that I could find. Most of the wireless network adapters listed on the page from the hyperlink above were released a few years back making it difficult to purchase because manufacturers normally releases new products very frequently and phase zirodump the old versions.


So, a driver, even though it will work with a specific card will not be loaded and attached to the card because it doesn’t have the IDs.

Best Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng

Would spoofing my MAC address have any effect on the dump? Monitor mode We often see people wondering why they can’t catch a handshake or data or see any traffic even though their device is connected.

Hey Gumskull, not sure what OTW will say, but I’ve been successful using a cable LAN connection for my internet connection and then using the aircracking suite on wireless that way you can still read the tutorials, look up things etc. Searching for that ID in WikiDevi or any search engine would also help finding the chipset and driver required.

Realtek RTLAU AU Linux Driver with Aircrack-ng wep crack success

First thing to do is killing network managers. For this tutorial would it be wise for me to disconnect myself from the internet before attempting it? Saeed 5 years ago.


With airpdump few exceptions though: November 06, Before we get started with aircrcak-ng, we need to make certain that BackTrack recognizes your wireless adapter. Sorry for my bad english but i hadn’t time to use google translator: It must be aircrack compatible. Sammo Li 2 years ago.

Bond 5 years ago. This is my first time ever trying aircrack-ng. I’m glad you are enjoying my tutorials. Asfour 7 years ago.

If you don’t put the wlan into mon mode, you will be limited in what packets you can pick up and send.

He got it from Saudi. I also couldn’t see any traffic on a, at all.

Here is the compile log: I have owned this adapter for years now. I use lenovo G Thanks for the akrodump response and help OTW. Airmon-NG is showing zero results.