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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute.

AMD Announces Three New Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors

This enables the memory controller to service external memory requests independent from core p-state transitions, thus enabling p-state opportunities which can lead to additional power savings. Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are packed with core and cache enhancements designed to aamd performance on a range of server and workstation applications. Built on AMD’s unmatched Direct Connect Architecture which helps eliminate the bottlenecks associated with front-side bus architectures, Quad-Core AMD Opteron Series processors deliver the world-class performance, scalability and overall system efficiency olteron to power one of the world’s largest high-performance computing HPC systems.

This means fewer servers can do the job of many, to lower overall operating costs. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. The combination proecssor these new performance and power-saving features should drive a dramatic improvement in the already strong performance-per-watt AMD Opteron processor-based systems offer today.


HyperTransport technology HT Assist also helps reduce unnecessary messaging between processors, thereby helping to improve CPU and memory communication speeds. Simulations conducted in AMD laboratories indicate that certain database applications will see performance improvements up to 70 percent and certain floating point applications will experience performance gains of up to 40 percent over platforms powered by current dual-core AMD Opteron processors.

These machines are all fault tolerant, highly available with redundant power. NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on its historic New Year’s flyby target, the most distant world ever studied, a frozen relic of the solar system some four billion miles 6.

With the enhanced computing capabilities of AMD’s native quad-core architecture in the same socket and thermal requirements as previous AMD Opteron Series processors, and industry-leading power management and virtualization innovations such as Enhanced AMD PowerNow!

An online press kit is available at http: If you want to overclock, don’t install it. Read more Click here to reset your password.

Microway Introduces new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Servers and InfiniBand Clusters

Cache-sensitive transactional applications such as Web, database and email servers can benefit from the addition of a 2MB shared L3 cache. Sign in to get notified via email when new comments are made. Datacenter managers can fill racks with dual-core platforms without worrying about increased electricity and processsor costs.

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This packaging achieves a density of cores in a standard 42U cabinet. A Microway Navion cluster will provide up to processor cores, 2.

AMD is dedicated to driving open innovation, choice and industry growth by delivering superior customer-centric solutions that empower consumers and businesses worldwide. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. In addition to offering native dual-core technology, the AMD Opteron processor helps deliver a significant savings for enterprise datacenters. Based on overwhelming customer demand in an increasing number of critical Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.


This allows the most common system failures to be serviced without powering off the server, or even removing the unit from a cabinet. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology choose us for solutions.

Microway Introduces new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Servers and InfiniBand Clusters

New power management features, unique to the x86 market, combined with industry-leading performance and stability, make it clear why AMD remains the smarter choice for enterprises. Incorporated inMicroway is a major vendor in the High Performance Computing market, designing state-of-the-art, high-end Linux clusters, technoloyy, and data storage solutions. The RuggedRack includes front access hard disks and Hot-Swap power supplies. The processes that led to glaciation at the cratered poles of Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, have been modeled by a University of Maine-led research team.

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