I see your feedback about using the same size thermal pads; was that pad thickness? The iMac has been powered on for exactly 1 week now with no issues! They had a free replacement program for those video cards but it expired after 4 years. Item is new, still sealed in original air-tight container. The iMac power-cycled and then booted successfully to the desktop.

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Cameron Brawn – June 9 Reply. The iMac power-cycled and then booted successfully to the desktop. Eurocom, for example, states that the TDP ranges from about Watts.

I don’t know if anyone here tested this into simulation games and if there is any possible solution knowing the card is already faulty. This eliminated bad cables or sensors like all the other forums say. Radeon HD M compare.

Apple iMac 27″ A ATI Radeon HD m Graphics Card With Heastink | eBay

I tai tried to research for a replacement but with no luck, as I have no real information about the part. For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number. I was just about to order the new card today when I saw this. The foam is not stuck to the board.


I have a mid 27″ that’s exhibiting the same issues. No Heatsink, Video Card only. My machine has been sitting at a third party repair center for 8 months.

The computer is primarily used for day-to-day tasks email, web, etc. GPU die is less than 60C and nothing wrong.

Radeon HD 6970M

One video card with heatsink and temperature sensor per order. The 15mm x 20mm x1mm thick were perfect.

I’ll be damned, it worked. I baked mine at for 10 minutes and reassembled.

I decided to give another bake attempt a go. Some things I would point out that are not noted on here or you may miss. HD Refine Results. I never hear them even in the slightest?

AMD Radeon HD M – Tech

This page was last updated: Graham Stewart – January I had just tai a used gpu off eBay but now I’m going to try baking my old one. I have two available. The system’s been humming along ever since. Does anybody know the science behind this trick?


Apple iMac 27″ A1312 ATI Radeon HD 6970m Graphics Card 661-5969 With Heastink

It’s really easy to s Judging by the overall temps of the machine, I can definitely see that the repair helped. Sorry for the delay- just saw your comment. And baking it laying down will heat up the adhesive and let the chip research correctly.

We received the item without main uni Anyway, I am happy the thing turns on at all and is usable. Regardless of whether you choose the software or hardware fix, they both remedy the sensor issue- or rather, the fan issue HDD fan spinning at over rpm.