I tried the CC and I kept hitting it poorly since I have a tendency to hit closer to the heel of the driver, the feel was good, but I was just not consistent with it. The driver can also be set to neutral or draw, which makes the lie angle of the driver more upright and encourages a more leftward starting trajectory for right-handed golfers. But overall, a classy-looking club. My Zcom adds 10 to that, so most of you would call my set-up heavy. Quite simply the shaft flex was just too soft in the driver. I tried and tried dialing in the loft and lie, but to no avail, nothing worked. I saw an average of a 1.

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This technology serves two purposes; first it creates a larger sweet spot allowing for callzway forgiveness and longer drives, even on mishits. That could bother some golfers who prefer an alignment mark.

One thing that I mentioned earlier was that part of the reason that I wanted to review this club was the loft of 9. Super low-spin drivers were all the rage at the time. The club sits nice at address and still inspires a lot of confidence.

It performs superbly and is not at all whippy as a few commentators seem to have had concerns with. Martin Aug 10, at 8: Instead of trying to offer a one-size-fits-all approach, golfers have two heads to choose from, both with different MOI and CG to optimize performance.

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Callaway FT Optiforce 440cc Driver Review

Actually, it created a bit too much draw bias for him, which is why the loft setting was lowered 1-click to 9 degrees. Low tee stingers with this club are still better than with the other sticks. The ball seems to jump off the face and the sound at impact is among the best out there right now. It also features an advanced OptiFit hosel that allows golfers to adjust the loft and directional bias from draw to neutral.

I also want to address the weaknesses of the G drivers.

And as Brian put it: The overall club weight grams, unlike the X Hot which is grams or above depending on shaft options. Golfwrxnut Aug 10, at 4: With that in mind, the FT OptiForce driver comes in two different head sizes — a cubic centimeter head designed for better players interested in a more penetrating ball flight and a cubic centimter head for players looking for more forgiveness and a higher launch.

This allowed Callaway to modify everything from the head calladay, moment of inertia, center of gravity position, weight and even bulge radius to produce optimal conditions across the loft options in each head. Finding the right shaft was a faster process that Chris expected. And the new driver TM has coming out already garnished a 5 star rating from this sight and the public has not even seen it yet.

The other is the Vt Dwhich has one ring for loft and one for lie.


My playing swing speed averages around mph and I can max out at around mph, but for the testing I was swinging with my normal playing speed. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. John Aug 10, at 9: But the has so much more spring to its face than the that I prefer to deal with the loft. Going back to the original RAZR Fit driver, Callaway has used the original Optifit Hosel which allowed the player to select either a square, open, or closed face at address.

I do want readers to keep in mind that this was a one-person test and I hit a limited amount of balls.

However, that is a very minor complaint. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review – Golfalot

Is the FT Optiforce right for your game? The starting loft of the club 9. The cc version can also be distinguished by the red graphic around the back of the sole. First, a note about the G LST. Apr 22, at 7: The second purpose is that it saves weight calalway can then be redistributed to increase the MOI.