I hit a high ball and have a fast swing of 95 mph according to machine so the change in shaft from standard lowered my ball flight nicely. Write a Review Rate This Product: Very happy with this club. The ball just flies off the face! My concession to Father Time has been to take advantage of the “Senior Tees”. I found the videos and reviews on the site extremely helpful when choosing the clubs, and all in all I’m a very happy customer.

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I would say I’m getting yards approved distance as a result of the improved flight.

User Reviews Andrew Everett. I am now hitting my irons further in my 60s than I did in my 40s. Retail Partners Click For Callawaj.

Loved the feel, look and weight and will be ordering soon. The trick is to balance feel and forgiveness and usually it is in the short irons where this all falls down, but with the Callaway XR Pro the wedge was excellent for a semi cavity back.

When I went to golf shop to get fitted, the fitter asked me how far I hit my 7 iron. After 15 years away, I worked by handicap down from 25 down to 11 by summer’s end.


All Items climachill climaheat climaproof climacool climastorm. Overall for me and my mph swing speed, it was spinning in the mid ‘s which is still good. After a few year hiatus from the game, I bought the XR Irons after hitting and reviewing several models.

The Callaway XR is a real contender and I want a front row ticket for this bout, because it is too close to call. My favourite thing about the Callaway XR driver is that it is plug and play.

However these irons are meant to go straight so single handicappers can aspire to greater heights, or recreate the good old days, and the XR Pro is excellent is this regard.

Would like you to make the challenge to anyone out there, to demo these XR Pro irons for yourself, I hit one 7 iron yards, same 6.

I like this category because it is where most single fallaway handicappers should be unless they are elite amateurs or blade masochists. Retail Partners Click For Price.

Callaway XR Pro Irons Review – Golfalot

Callaway has also used the Internal Standing Wave from the woods in the sole of the club. Couldn’t be happier with the clubs. Graphite shafts are more expensive and you’ll see this reflected in the RRP displayed. Been playing these irons for almost a year now.


Golf Apparel By Brand [-]. I bought mine today. The retro headcover looks pretty callaawy too. The only draw back is that I need a gap wedge as these go to far. Retail Partners Click For Price. These Callaway XR irons are amazing, even the mishits, which fly really high and long.

Callaway XR Pro Irons Review

Shots are much more consistent than previous clubs. I told himhe said “I x2 you will hit this 7 iron “. You can’t go back but you can go long. User Reviews One trusty set of irons. Clubs have a good sweet spot and can hit slighlty further than my previous clubs, which were early s blades. User Reviews ken in Fl. I can tell I have hit a good shot when I hear the “raspy” zing from the club face.

This a welcome problem.