Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary. The sounds and pictures are “registered” to the camera so that no matter what card is in use, the sounds and pictures remain. Visit the Canon Online Store. Portable and quick on the draw thanks to its smooth retractable lens design , the S offers point-and-shoot control with a goodly handful of extra exposure features. I purchased this camera for my granddaughters because it is so easy to use, it is a Canon which is an extremely good brand and the picture quality is great. This black leather case was designed specifically for most PowerShot SD series cameras for added protection so you can take them wherever you go.

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A separate switch at the upper right lets you choose capture or playback mode; unfortunately, there’s no quick-review button to give you a z410 at your last shot while in capture mode. Cannon power shot Great camera, Takes excellent photo’s. Camera operation is straightforward and canin, as you typically point and shoot most of the time. I get a lot of email from readers who’ve lost photos due to a corrupted memory card. The remaining camera controls are on the back panel, along with the optical and LCD viewfinders.

Canon PowerShot S Digital Camera A B&H Photo Video

The uncomplicated user interface makes novices and more advanced amateurs alike feel at home, with enough variable exposure control to make both happy. Caonn the rest of the ELPH line, exposure control is automatic. Skip to main content. The S features a nice, flat bottom panel, which holds the metal tripod mount and the battery compartment.

Canon Powershot S410 Digital ELPH Digital Camera Review

The one used by most people is Evaluative, where the camera evaluates the light in the entire frame to determine proper exposure. Canon has also extended the power and range of this camera’s digital zoom to 3. See all 6 pre-owned listings. The retracting lens is a smart design that keeps the danon front completely flat when the camera is off, underscoring the camera’s pocket friendly design, while an automatic lens cover means you don’t have to worry about smudging the lens or losing the lens cap.


The LCD reports a fair amount of camera information, but excludes exposure information such as aperture and shutter speed. The sole warranty, if any, with the respect to such non-Canon brand items is given by the manufacturer or producer thereof. Caanon Product purchased with this limited warranty is the only PowerShot Digital Camera to which this limited warranty applies.

Reviews 0 Write a review yutuyzztucvrbsazdqyeebsxdacewrfwzet. In Playback mode, the wide-angle end activates an index display, while the telephoto setting enlarges captured images for closer inspection of fine details. Canon’s exclusive DIGIC Image Processor revolutionizes how you shoot digital by allowing the camera to process images faster and improving the accuracy of the autofocus.

Auto, 50, Shutter Speed: Unfortunately, the door is positioned such that it’s difficult to remove the CF card, because the small lip on the back edge of the card faces the door, rather than the back of the camera. As the top button in the Four-Way Arrow pad in the lower right corner, this button cycles through Evaluative, Center-Weighted, and Spot metering modes.

Effectively doubles the flash range of the camera. Image noise is likely to be higher with digital zoom, and details considerably softer. With spot mode selected, a small bracket appears in the center of the LCD. The Waterproof Case weights are used in the Canon Waterproof Case to prevent it from floating while taking pictures underwater.


In the digital arena, Canon has continued their history of innovation, with a broad line of products ranging from entry-level models all the way to no-holds-barred digital SLRs for professional photographers. This mode allows you to scroll through captured images and movies, write protect images, view a nine-image index display, zoom into a captured image, delete unwanted images, rotate images, and set up images for printing on DPOF compatible devices.

To the left of the Shutter button on the camera’s top panel, this button turns the camera on or off. Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models. That said, the S possesses the Canon high-quality images with good exposure, good colors and good detail.

FEL stays in effect until the Shutter button is released or fully pressed so the photographer can recompose. Given the S’s tiny size and the solid metal tripod socket kudos for thatthis may cqnon be a concern.

The sounds and pictures are “registered” to the camera so that no matter what card is in use, the sounds and pictures remain.

Canon continues to keep quality as a high priority in all of their camera models. A 32MB card accompanies the camera, but I’d recommend picking up a much larger capacity card right along with the camera, as CompactFlash cards are available as large as one gigabyte, and the S’s 4-megapixel images take up a fair bit canonn space.

Powerful slave flash, fired by the camera’s pre-flash.