If I pushed to soft, I wouldn’t get anything. It is like a joke. Beakybird Senior Member Registered: Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. The PXR sounds realistic, but kind of dull. Well, the reason i asked for R is it’s USB port.

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Stephenm52 Senior Member Registered: There are no other great voices on this keyboard.

There are registration settings so that you can easily switch px4400r a controller function and having your favorite tones ready.

The Strings and Slow Strings sound very good when layered with the piano. I’ve had people say the PXr was the greatest keyboard since sliced bread and px40r0 simply isn’t true sometimes opinions can be worthless –and solely based on their opinion I can tell they have absolutely no business giving somebody advice about pro-audio equipment.

I know Px4400r could get a much better piano sound through a computer. The Casio PXR is an key digital piano with some bells and whistles. Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Beakybird Senior Member Registered: My yamaha sort of acts this way as well. Originally posted by Maxximum: I would say it is superior to the PSR’s Live! There’s a lot I don’t know concerning midi and have a casip to learn That brings me to this question and I may add it may be very naive of me even asking it.


Switch to Threaded Mode. Here is another big limitation of the Casio: I know how to get around technical things very well so it won’t be a problem. None of the reverbs are very strong. You cannot get just a tinge of strings.

Quote Originally posted by Maxximum: Yes, i’ve checked it too, not personally because it’s not available in my country.

I’ve heard from many people saying their Yamaha and Casio does not do velocity level higher px4000r easily. I just can’t find that keyboard here even if i like it p400r all. I can rearrange the samples in my sampler according to velocitiy range of the keyboard that’s won’t be a big problem but i didn’t try the midi connection via usb yet i connected and installed drivers correctly but i can’t see the device in midi channels list.

I think I covered the salient characteristics of the keyboard. The piano sample on the Casio was so lackluster and non-dynamic that the keys just didn’t respond well to ppp-fff playing–looking back, I realize now it’s not necessarily the key action that is SO important, it’s the expressiveness of the sample and how well they key action can implement px00r different velocity layers.


CME distributor told me they don’t have 88key controllers i know CME itself have but distributor don’t bring it only for special requests and offered me M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 with a price a lot higher than the price actual distributor of the M-Audio gave me. But I’m frustrated with the dry xp400r of the Stereo piano.

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It is now silver instead of a more bronze color. Tax rates are ridiculously high here Where do you live? Piano Lessons by wildfig. George Kaye Senior Member Registered: Why do you prefer midi out?

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I caxio the MIDI out method, though. I want USB because i don’t have a midi connection equipment. Maybe I’m frustrated with my piano playing skills which have suffered these last few years.