That combination will make you hear even the slightest imperfections in your source. The PowerStrip timings I used were can be found here. I’ve also heard that Musical Fidelity X-can V2 although not sure does this one have crossfeeding and Corda HeadAmp1 were good, anyone tested them? So our goal is to never use these again. Are they able to playback all higher frequencies etc

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Remainder of the components arrive. They’ve come to life chaimtech. That’s why you’re always adjusting your TV antenna and why some channels come in better than others.

C-Media over Realtek AC97 onboard? Unfortunately, it made no difference. The photos above were taken with the XP30 and projector set to display a 4: Mitsumi purchased from directron. After finding a thread on the AVS forum describing incompatible voltage levels, I went out and bought an optical connector. Hauled the whole shootin’ match downstairs and borrowed a projector from work. Then upgraded it to 2.

Mayby you can test the souncards in case you still want to buy one If anyone finds more cards that work, let me know so I can include them here.


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I also decided to play a game of driver roulette. Look primarily at the diagonal edges of letters and in particular, look at the “vent” Buzz Lightyear’s arm.

With the HD this makes quite a difference! The PowerStrip timings I used were can be found here.

During this sequence, the ATI player will stutter and lock up at the first bright flash. Nobody has proved otherwise in a blind test.

With a PCM stream you’re guaranteed a perfect audio sound. As everyone knows regarding digital Chaijtech.

C-Media over Realtek AC97 onboard?

Updated Radeon drivers to Catalyst 2. After the DreamWorks intro to Gladiator, it starts showing various scenes with bright flashes between them. The short answer I received was that there can be incompatibilities between professional gear the Delta DiO card and consumer gear I’ll try locking my preamp into DD or DTS tonight rather than let it auto detect the mode.

As other LT owners have said, progressive input looks good but once you plug an HTPC in, there’s simply no contest. We need to get you on the Vxd drivers for you to route AC3 through the Delta. During my screen material tests I briefly switched back to the ATI player in stereo mode and I could swear that the picture was much more vibrant and rich. Are they able to playback all higher frequencies etc That af515m is pretty old now adays and CS 1.

Recent Drivers  GA-A55M-DS2 NETWORK DRIVER

You’ll need to find out if your motherboard’s Digital audio chip is supported under Linux. Any help is appreciated. Father’s Day is coming up. Toshiba SD-M purchased from directron. I would venture that for listening to lossy formats, it doesn’t help whatsoever, but who knows?

Hmm, has anyone of you tested that Av5115m Little amp? If you have to run a long length of fiber it could be expensive.