In addition, Dell recommends that you periodically review the safety instructions in your System Information Guide. Check all cable connections, especially those that might have come loose during your work. Page 63 Dell Diagnostics: You must match the colored strip on the EIDE cable with pin 1 on the drive’s interface connector to avoid possible damage to your system. When you add system memory, you may install DIMMs in any socket. The next time you enter the System Setup program, the system will prompt you for the setup password.

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Rebooting your system can confirm whether or not these programs are the cause of the problem.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 User Manual

For a quick check of your system, select the Run Quick Tests option. Page 81 System Setup Options: In such a case, a message appears on the screen when Dell OpenManage is running or at the next system start-up notifying you of the problem.

Customer Service See Figure 1 aueio an example of a PCI expansion card. The values you selected under Test Limits remain in effect during all the test groups or subtests you run, unless you change them. If the Dell Diagnostics determines that the system board is faulty or if the Dell Diagnostics does not identify the cause of the problem optlplex the problem is still not resolved, see “Getting Help” The first screen is a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines, which should be straight and evenly spaced.


You can assign a setup password, as described in “Assigning a Setup Page 98 External Components: Page 12 After you correctly connect all the cables to your system and turn it on, see the setup guide for your operating system to complete its installation. Turn off and unplug your computer. If your software and the Dell Diagnostics do not recognize that you have a parallel port, you should check the Parallel Port category in the Are you connected to a network?

This information is invaluable to the Dell support staff if you need to call for technical assistance. Page 28 Installing Upgrades: Keyboard Test Group The subtests in the Keyboard Test Group verify the correct operation of your keyboard and the keyboard controller chip.

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Memory allocation error The software you are Using the System Setup Program: If the problem is not resolved, proceed to step 6. Page of Go. If Enabled, the Chassis Intrusion You can also control the sequence in which the tests are run. Fold cables out of the way so that they do not catch on the computer cover.


Troubleshooting The Keyboard 1. Page Diagnostic Video Tests: Dell OptiPlex GX1 Small-Form-Factor System User’s Guide Checking Connections and Switches Improperly set switches and controls and loose or improperly connected cables are the most likely source of problems for your computer, monitor, or other peripheral such as a printer, keyboard, mouse, or other external equipment.

AutoTech, TechFax, order status, technical support, and product information.

Replace the computer cover. Removing And Replacing The Computer Cover While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis to dissipate any static electricity that might harm internal components. If you assign and later forget a system password, you must remove the computer cover to change a jumper setting that disables the system password feature see “Disabling a Remove the drive shelf from the chassis.

Figure 7 shows an example of the first of these screens. Page 82 System Setup Options: Page System Setup Program Overview If your Dell computer system is not working as expected, and if you are not sure what to do, start your troubleshooting with the procedures in this section.