I find that opinion hard to swallow. The hardware itself is a slightly-larger-than-expected desktop box with input connectors at the front and output connectors at the rear. The combination of top-class audio performance and comprehensive audio connectivity means that it can cope well in a wide variety of situations. Drivers, subjective tests, performance. On the bottom we can find 2 miniature ground-lift switches, which are very useful for negating sneak ground circuits occuring when you connect a large number of equipment usually it’s 50 Hz noise pickup with multiple harmonics, can also be cracking, etc. It would make life easier for any potential mods.

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I am using it more than one emu 0404 usb now. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Jan 25, at 8: Folk Instrument Buying Guides. See All E-mu Audio Interfaces. These reservations aside, direct monitoring works well with the Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Guitar Effects Buying Guide.


Accessories For Concert Percussion. Amazing to see the improvement emu 0404 usb connecting it to your line-in. Image 3 of 3 The also has a socket for a power supply.

Do you already have an account? That said, the EMU line has been a flavor of the month for several years now, so the ratio of happy customers must be pretty high.

File:E-MU 0404 USB 2.0 White.jpg

Low latency USB 2. Drivers, subjective tests, performance. Post 14 of My first plan is to change all the caps better ones.

Music Education For Children. Jan 25, at 7: But life is full of adventures.

Plaese do yourself a favor and emu 0404 usb a good cord to plug the preamp at the backside right balanced jack to xlr or stereo jack to ussb direct into the endstage. We struggled to get acceptable performance at latency settings lower than 10ms, though new drivers might improve this in the future. Of course that it is not easy to believe what is best and what is worst, but if everybody can pick the best from two options then, after several posts, it becomes quite easy to pick a good DAC.


emu 0404 usb

E-mu USB Audio/MIDI Interface | Musician’s Friend

Write a comment below. Separate levels for speakers and headphones. Comments Any update on this project? You emu 0404 usb get rid of your original preamp problably.

Share This Page Tweet. Post 10 of Post 2 of Jan 25, at 9: I’ve been looking at that particular CDP. I can play 24 bit kHz with amazing resolution!!

Note the analog output signal level control. Jan 25, at 5: Post 6 of