EventGhost is mostly drag and drop or copy and paste. An event triggers a macro and a macro consists of one or more actions. It is inexpensive since you can use whatever remote you have laying around. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. It can also be used to call macros but keeping all you commands in one folder makes trouble shooting easier. For me, that pause is not long enough so it fails with the log below. Without the emitters the device needs to be placed in front of the device it will control.

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Should work from now on. Hope this helps somebody. After you have opened the action selection menu you just select the action of your choice. In my case, the path was C: You need line of sight.

The server eventghost should acknowledge this The client should now awake. Navigation index modules next previous EventGhost v0. Views Read View source View history.

This program cannot go beyond what the hardware is capable of. To get rid of it, you have to use some tricks:.


The software for this remote was very resource heavy and the main reason I was searching for an alternative program. This is basically more of the same. Some remotes have a rotation of signals that they send to the device they control. There are many schools of thought as to how this should occur. You can activate other folders when you close programs or press a different button also.


If you are looking to control channel changing for your tuner, currently you have to rely on the software that does the recording to change the channel. The main downfall of this software is that the users do not openly share the xml eventgjost that they have created. From there navigate the file path to the program you want to open.

Now hit the “power” button on your remote control. ThreepH April 3, As you can see the plugins give this program capability far beyond eventgnost this article covers evenfghost before you tackle network control or speech control you must learn the basics. Care to support our work with a egentghost bucks?

The speed of the cursor slowly ramps up the longer the button is pressed. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

device status w/ sdk

This did take a few hours and a bit of trial and error to get the hardware working correctly. January 16, 1. I found the code was not learned correctly otherwise. I was able to adjust the software to my satisfaction.


This plugin, in theory, allows you to use any X10 compatible remote.

EventGhost can be used with devices such as the USB-UIRT to transmit IR signals to devices you use with or without line of sight or simply use devices your remote is not programmed for. If you find an entry named “X10 Hid Device” there, you have the wrong driver. But with a few tricks you can actually have the same thing working for any X10 based remote. On a side note, I highly suggest donating or contributing to this project to ensure its future success.

Your name or email address: This page was last edited on 4 Juneat The program comes with an X10 remote plugin. After your computer is back, open Device Manager again.