The screenshots below are just examples, the actual appearance may vary from the pages shown below depending on the current settings. Additional Product Features Screen Size. Barometric altimeters suck in changing weather, but in stable weather they’ll typically give an accurate read-out to less than a metre, at least compared with the elevation where they were calibrated. In the meantime, we recommend that you upload activities from those devices to MotionBased. In these cases I used map, compass and cairns and obviously I survived just fine. Show More Show Less. Estimated arrival time at the next waypoint on the current route.

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The content of these data fields are user configurable, see table below. Operationally the Foretex does what forehrex it supposed to do but with no software included, undocumented functions and virtually non-existent technical support, most purchasers will be frustrated in trying to use the Foretrex right out of the box. When I emailed Garmin concerning data transfer software and the spanner function under the Setup menu, I received the following rather uninformative reply:.

Distance from the current location to the next waypoint on the current route. foretrwx

A lot of military guys seem to use these and even they give it generally good reports from battle conditions. I think the reason they’re still common and why I still prefer to have both availablehowever, is that GPS-measured elevation can still be less accurate than GPS horizontal position Once calibrated, which is simple, the arrow in the display brought me to within spitting distance of my way-point every time.


While the barometric altimeter displays the precise altitude, forettex electronic compass in this Garmin GPS receiver offers bearing information at all times. I tried a low-budget old-school GPS about five years ago and was under-whelmed. Please share your experience.

Current heart rate requires optional heart rate monitor. In these cases I used map, compass and cairns and obviously I survived just fine. The Foretrex is super lightweight and fits nicely on the wrist. The foretrxe still functioned like a dream. Most relevant reviews See all 13 reviews. Did this Garmin Foretrex review help you out?

The GPS itself is 2. It can track your routes, mark your location with the push of one button and wirelessly share waypoints with other Foretrex s.

Specifications and packaging of the products are subject to change without notice. Limmer Men’s Standard Review.

Garmin Foretrex GPS Receiver | eBay

Excellent Garmin foretrex is a great design for any outdoor fanatic, whether your hiking, cycling, running or even camping it is a useful tool. Please leave a comment below. GPS is improving definitely. Did I look at the CD that came with it?

The ease of using the Garmin Foretrex is another strong point. Connect with another unit, a heart rate monitor or a cadence sensor wireless GPS see satellites page on the right Jumpmaster.


Garmin Foretrex 401 Review and a Garmin 601 vs 401 Comparison

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You can choose from 46 different values, see the table below. It was heavy, devoured batteries and had a teeny little screen that was about useless.

Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS Receiver

Current speed Travelled distance Time of day Current air pressure The page foeetrex Computer” consists of 7 data fields, split into 4 views. Cons Not the latest model Battery life could be better Doesn’t have some of the extras that other GPS have Low-res black and white display.

Estimated arrival foreetrex at the next waypoint on the current route. I wanted a GPS so I could navigate without stopping to take a back-azimuth and without pulling out the map and note paper. I actually prefer it. Help support this site by making your next gear purchase through one of the links above.