I don’t know how to trace the error. What line is throwing the NullPointerException? Hi, I’m writing a Java Swing app in Eclipse. Sign up using Facebook. But not returning the connection status. So I’ve sent the same JAR to my second machine.

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Help needed to assign a study from arraylist to student arraylist. Wed Dec 17 I get another vote for Java-Moron-of-the-Day. But even I am facing the same problem. Lamg Application Server version5. To observe this, use Eclipse and enable breakpoints on NullPointerException caught and uncaught.

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Here is my log output java. And strange thing is the code os working fine from dos prompt when I write in a java file. Please guide on this And When I ran nullponiterexception, to my Surprise, this therw a null pointer Exception.

But after setting the environmental class path to rt.


It has appalling error handling. I found this example. Answered question This question has been answered.

So that might be a reason why it doesn’t nullpointerexceprion on the first machine running JDK7 or prior and not on the other one running JDK8. Hi, I’m writing a Java Swing app in Eclipse. I am not even a good n00b. Problem will be resolved. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. RongNguyen That is not necessary if you use the connection string as in the code in the question.

I continue to get a java. Any chance you are using a different JDK on your second machine? Because it seems the JdbcOdbcDriver is loaded otherwise Class.

RE: NullPointerException from nection() -> lize()

Is there another Driver class I can use? Sign up using Email and Password. This bug can be reproduced always. My recommendation is to remove all possibilities of NPEs by either checking all references against null or by enforcing that this field is initialized under every condition and thus by any constructor or static initializer. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Pinned topic Problems with “sun.


I think the problem is the version of java. Another possibility is that maybe the driver is missing on the second machine. Dump the toy driver and use the real thing.

ODBC data sources can only be accessed by the servers on which they live, not across a network. But if this is a config file. My guess is that the file doesn’t exist, or is not able to be opened, or is already open, or some ODBC magic is missing?