Setup is certainly easy enough: On almost all files that included color, the Z was close behind the iP and in some cases faster. Lexmark argues it’s a step forward, with easy, one-cartridge setup, and with today’s technology better able to create composite black. Text, Graphics, and Photo quality separately, since how well a printer does on one type of output does not predict how it will do on another type. Snap in the one cartridge, load paper, connect the cables, run the automated installation routine, and print. Compare the printers mentioned above side by side. The output is easily good enough for schoolwork or for printing something at home to bring into the office.

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David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. David Stone The Best Printers of Our Verdict Cheap, but not exactly cheerful.

Lexmark Z735

More inkjet printer reviews: Quality ratings use the same scale for all printers and AIOs. Compared with other ink jets in general, the Z is at or lexmari the bottom of the quality heap across the board. Speed is another factor lacking from the Z’s feature list and it is easily one of the slowest printers for photo output in normal or top-quality modes.

But what really matters is cost per page, and there’s no reason to believe the Z will be cheaper to run. We also rate the Usability of each printer or AIO, the Paper Handling capability, and the Value based on a comparison with other printers or AIOs in the same category, with a Good 3 rating in each case indicating the norm for that category.

The total time on our business applications suite was 26 minutes 26 seconds, compared with In either case, the result is a printer that handles graphics reasonably well, photos better, and can work in a pinch for text. Colour accuracy proved inconsistent and was particularly poor for pastel shades and skin tones, while vivid colours also lacked any real degree of vibrancy.


Lexmark Z | TechRadar

Definitively aimed for home use, the Z is small and lightweight, at 6. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. The most serious problem we saw was a slight bluish-green tint on our monochrome test photo.

It also did well on lexmagk, averaging 2: Fewer than half our test fonts were easily readable at 5 points, one highly stylized font needed 20 points, and text at all sizes was gray instead of black. By comparison, the iP also earned a rating of very good, but the HP yields a bit lower quality, at the high end of good.

He is a recognized expert on printers, well known within the industry, and has been a judge for the Hewlett-Packard HP Invent Awards. Graphics and photos have pastel-like, almost faded-looking, color on plain paper.

Lexmark Z – Review – PCMag UK

Text, Graphics, and Photo quality separately, since how well a printer does on one type of output does not predict how it will do on another type. Photos, which earned a rating of very good, are the Z’s strong point, with most photos printing at true photo quality on photo paper. Add this to the purchase price and the Z looks an attractive option if you’re on the tightest of budgets.

Three-color printing yields seriously flawed text quality.

Even so, if your children have colour documents or photos that they want to print out for school use, the Z still has a role to play if you’re not too fussy about quality and want something cheap that does the job. Given the better speed and quality of the iP, it’s hard to recommend the Z, especially with the iP selling at the same price. For AIOs, we rate both the Range of functions, defined by how many functions the AIO offers, and the Usability of those functions, defined by how easy those functions are to use.


The main drawback for photo printing is that, with its humble three-ink process, the Z lexmafk well short of other printers for image quality. It’s good enough for most schoolwork short of college, but bring your teacher a carrot instead of an apple, to help prevent eyestrain.

On almost all files that included color, the Z was close behind the iP and in some cases faster. Finally, for dedicated photo printers and for ink jet printers that score at least a good 3 rating for photo quality, we rate Photo Permanence based on manufacturer claims of lightfastness and exposed lifetimes, and we rate Water Resistance, based on our own testing.

Become a fan of PCMag. His more than 30 years of experience in writing about science and technology includes a more than year concentration on The Lexmarj Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing Most of us can remember when a substantial number of ink jet printers let you switch between a tricolor cartridge for printing in color and a black cartridge for printing text. Most photos were good enough to print snapshots for friends and family or even put them in an album.

Lexmakr, as well as photos on plain paper, had a slightly faded look, with pastel shades rather than fully saturated, eye-catching color.