Click “AppleTalk” Wait a moment while your Mac sniffs the airwaves and if it “sees” the printserver, here’s what will appear in the panes in the same window Limits to OS sharing Authored by: Change the last to numbers to anything you like other than what your computer is using, ex,. Created this page in 0. Hy Levitsky on Nov 25, ’07 If you cannot find or guess at the IP address, try using the WakeOnLan application see versiontracker.

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The default password for Linksys is usually admin with blank username field. An appletalk printer is now available to both OS X and Classic.

This appears to be foolproof for those wanting to connect a PC laptop to printer installed on an imac. Immediately, you will see at the bottom of the window, a spinning icon and the words “Sending data”. What’s New in the Forums? A window should eireless showing your newly added printer “L1”. They’re giving this stuff away.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. If you get stuck or need to start over, you can restore aps54g PrintServer’s default settings by holding down the reset button for 5 seconds using a paper clip while plugging in the power.


It works fine except for a minor bug in v2. But just isn’t working.

At the command prompt type arp -s followed by the ip address you want to assign to the print server followed by the MAC address of the print server obtained in step 3.

Change the last to numbers to anything you like other than what your computer is using, ex. Limits to OS sharing Authored by: A login window will appear. I would still love to be able to use it to print wirelessly from my MacBook, but I can plug it in to the printer, so it is ok.

So, I can’t even get into the server.

Linksys Print Server

Nano 7 – backgrounds In the Queue field, enter L1. Cycle power on the Linksys. The PrintServer Status, Printer tab should show your printer info.

Servsr my only difference is that for the location I put ONLY the name of the printserver which I found after entering the IP address into my browser and logging into the print server. I personally have mine set to “Wireless Color” and “Wireless Laser”.


Set Wireless Info Example Visit other IDG sites: The Printer Setup window will open. Assign a static IP address prnt is similar to range of your network to your notebook or PC’s network adapter first. Created this page in 0. Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. I hope this helps someone. That’s all; works for me.

Linksys Cisco Wireless G Print Server Wps54g | eBay

Well, that and a printer that wirleess has Network drivers. I do not5 konw what meant by “[ip of WPS54G]” Attach power input to Print Server and wait for power led to glow.

Well, it worked for me anyhow.