The point made in the bill that these wharves are within the express prohibition of Chapter of the Acts of , prohibiting the erection of any garbage reduction plant within nine miles from the Lazaretto Lighthouse on the Patapsco River, does not seem to us to be well taken. ACT mode and record all noises, but I want to have the. It is not possible for courts to always know in advance what the consequences of acts complained of will be, if permitted, but when such facts as are in this bill are admitted, as they are by the demurrers, it would scarcely be worth while for the Legislature to authorize and empower either a local board of health or the State Board of Health to apply for an injunction to restrain and prevent such alleged nuisances, if the parties complained against can simply demur, and not be called upon to answer. We rely on donations for our financial security. Register a new account. Hi I have a mp3 player for recording of sound and only support act format in computer, can anybody tell me if this is possible to convert to wav format.

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It is further alleged that in the summer time especially, and during the colder weather also, many persons, men, women and children, visit the numerous shores and private pleasure resorts along Bear Creek and other creeks making off from it md2110 the Patapsco River in the vicinity of these wharves, and the wharves and the farm lands adjacent and near them, over which it is proposed to spread the garbage, are not isolated, but are in a more or less thickly settled, thriving and prosperous community, close to several villages in Baltimore County and various shore properties and private pleasure resorts.

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The case must be a clear one, but if the danger be probable and threatening and likely to ensue, the aid of the court may be invoked. Posted August 27, In order to justify the continuance of an injunction 18 the city in this case, there must be clear and positive evidence calling for such interposition of a court of equity, and the danger to the health of the people of the county must not be merely speculative but established with reasonable certainty, but, as the case stands now, we feel that the defendants should be required to answer.


They are by that section required to “inquire into and investigate, or cause to be inquired into and investigated, all nuisances affecting the public ,d210, comfort or property of the citizens of said county, or any city, town or village therein; and are authorized and mr210 by information or petition, filed in the name of such board, to apply to the judges or any judge of the circuit court for such county, in term time or vacation, for an injunction to restrain and prevent such nuisance, no matter by whom or what authority committed; and further, they shall have full power and authority to preserve the health of the county, to prevent and remove nuisances, and to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases within said county.

Sign up for a new account in our community. I have a mp3 player for recording of sound and only support act format in computer, can anybody tell me if this is possible to convert to wav format. Decree affirmed and cause remanded for further proceedings as authorized in this opinion, the appellant to pay the costs in this court, those in the lower court to abide the final result.

I know many recorders create non-standard. The decree of the lower court will be affirmed, but the cause will be remanded and the lower court is directed to allow the defendants to file an answer or answers within such reasonable time after the mandate is received as that court may allow.

Hi I have a mp3 player for recording of sound mdd210 only support act format in computer, can anybody tell me if this is possible to convert to wav format.

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The object of that bill was to restrain the defendants by injunction from disposing of the garbage from the City of Baltimore on a farm known as the Jubb farm, owned by the city in Anne Arundel County. Posted October 25, It seems to be nearly impossible.

Michael, and cited a number of cases, amongst them Miley v. Already have an account?

Baltimore v. Board of Health, A. 43, Md. –

The first reason assigned is that it appears on the face of the bill that neither of the defendants is resident of Baltimore County, and no facts are shown which give the court jurisdiction over them. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Lack of enforced standardization in 218 like this is frustrating I assure you.

Sign in Already have an account? The case of Baltimore v. ACT mode and record all noises, but I want to have the. The leading case of Adams v.


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But this bill was mf210 only filed by the County Commissioners of Baltimore County, who are ex officio the board of health for that county, in which capacity this suit was brought, but with the bill there is filed as an exhibit a letter from the deputy state health officer of that district, addressed to the County Commissioners, in which he says that he believes that if the contract between the city and Huse is carried out, it will produce a nuisance, dangerous to public health, productive of physical discomfort, and otherwise injurious to a 12 of thirteen thousand people, and he called upon them to apply for an injunction.

The 1128 question is, then, whether the bill made out a case for the relief prayed. ACT format is not converting.

The plaintiffs are the Board of County Commissioners of Baltimore County and ex officio the Board of Health for that county, in which last named capacity the bill was filed. Huse have entered into a contract whereby for a period of ninety days from January 5th,or thereabouts the exact date not md2110 known to the plaintiffs all garbage collected in the City of Baltimore will be loaded on scows and said scows hauled or towed to Huse’s wharves on Bear Creek in Baltimore County, where said garbage will be unloaded” — the city having reserved the right to terminate the contract on fifteen days’ notice.

The object of the writ is preventive and it wards off the injury.

On the one hand, we have involved what is alleged to be the health of the communities near where the garbage was to be placed, and on the other hand we have a large city with many tons of garbage to me210 disposed of, and the comfort, safety and health of its citizens require the garbage to be collected and disposed of in some proper way.

Although I do get 8 hours me210 recording time on. That ought not to be, and we do not think it is the law applicable to the circumstances of this case, as alleged in the bill. We have no idea how to handle variations.