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2M-Pixel USB Camera

So try to reinstall the Shared source from CE6. Is there some other way to get a USB camera application to test the driver?


Do the following in the USBCam. Is it UVC compliant camera? Please advise how to remove these errors and test the USB camera application. The driver which you downloaded will work on ARM4I processor.

How to get source code for WinCE USB Camera Driver for ARM4I Processor

What is the linker error you are getting when you compile? Wednesday, November 24, Wednesday, November 24, 4: Friday, August 19, 7: I need your help Please advise where to find a ueb source code for USB now revision 1.

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The sample code “Windows Embedded CE 6. I already did this and now the PB solution compiles and links without errors. Selecting the camera device failed.

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