I know the controllers have come down in price in the EVA series, but not sure about the disks. I was using our systems as were many customers at that time, but the controller that failed is actually not utilized all that much. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. For root cause analysis, just beware that you’re still changing two things at once here both software and the hardware unit , so you may not be able to tell what fixed the problem if it’s stable afterwards. Anybody else have continuous problems with these? I don’t think there is a way to continuously monitor the MSAcs.

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You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

Until last week, for example, the EVA and wasn’t even on the VMware supported list, even though those platforms have been available for use for ages on the HP list.

Not sure if this is something that forces the mode “permanently”?

This would at least eliminate the MSAcs, but not sure if it would provide stability and would also introduce a single point of failure which is where I’m at today anywaysand possibly be more expensive mea1500 an EVA solution.

It’s odd, but I would not be too worried about that. It’s actually fairly common to find something on a vendor’s support list that is not on the VMware support list.

I’m sure there are many storage options at this point, and the forums are a good place to start looking for recommendations won’t be surprised if you get a lot of responses to your message. There are also cases where a vendor will support a component and VMware won’t – but those are much more rare. You can not post a blank message. Of course this was captured after the problem appeared. Please enter a title.


HP Msa CS Modular Smart Array Aaa With 1 X Controller | eBay

I’ll be in touch after I hear the next steps toward a solution. I was in Kenya recently! Yes, the firmware levels on the switches are also quite important. I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress with HP. There are “no” events in the event log other than the power-up entries. How can you have a default config in your FC switches?? I know a lot of people on here hate them.

Has anyone found this to reduce the problem?

Profile has always been set to Linux. Ms1a500 esx servers are definitely not targets, so they shouldn’t necessarily see each other, but I guess that was my question Other problems are commonly due to switch zoning and also controller overutilisation – cz so much thrashing going on that it looks as if things aren’t responding.

We have quite a few of these and have had quite a few problems, even though we have the latest hardware revision A and latest firmware 5.

MSAcs stability |VMware Communities

I know the controllers have come down in price in the EVA series, but not sure about the disks. Please type your message and try again. What i have done is, limit the potential backup operations at a single time to fs maximum of 1 and thus decreasing the potential SCSI Reservation errors, because i still believe that they are your issue cx well, scsi reservation errors resulting in a locked up msa system.


Maybe we have a bad fiber channel switch? Well for me i dont trust the msa verry much to many negative experiences, i have more confidence in the eva solution that has proven for a decade that it is a good storage solution.

,sa1500 I’ve been thinking about is whether we might be dealing with a fiber channel switch problem and “not” an MSAcs problem. It certainly has been an irritation to say the least. It does actually perform pretty well for the price, but an update has definitely been needed sooner than later.

HP Msa1500 CS Modular Smart Array Aa986a With 1 X Controller 411048-001

I’ve done some reading. It could, however, influence who you call for support in case of a severe problem. So, not too much contention at all. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.